DAVP              :- Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity

DCA                :- Drug and Cosmetic Act

DCI                 :- Dredging Corporation of India

DDT                :- Dichloro Diphenyle Trichloroethane

DDP                :- Desert Development Programme

DFDR             :- Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

DIG                 :- Deputy Inspector General

D.Lit                :- Doctor of Literature

DGCA             :- Director General of Civil Aviation

DICGC           :- Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

DIG                 :- Defence Intelligence Group

DLO                :- Dead Letter Office

DGCEI           :- Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence

DM                 :- District Magistrate

DMK              :- Dravida Munetra Kazhagam

DMRL            :- Defence Metalurgical Research Laboratory

DNA                :- Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid

DNEM            :- Dynamic Numeric Encoding Method

DPAP               :- Drought Prone Area Programme

DPCS              :- Defence Satellite Communication System

DPC                :- Dabhol Power Company

DPCO             :- Drug Prices Control Order

DPSA              :- Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft

DRDO            :- Defence Research and Development Organization

DRI                 :- Director of Revenue Intelligence

DSP                 :- Digital Signal Processing

DST                :- Department of Science & Technology

DTH               :- Direct To Home

DOTS             :- Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse

DVC               :- Damodar Valley Corporation

DVD               :- Digital Versatile Disk

EAA                :- Easy Animal Aid

EAS                :- Employment Assurance Scheme

ECB                :- European Central Bank

ECG                :- Electro Cardiogram Graph

ECIL               :- Electronic Corporation of India Limited

ECM               :- European Common Market

ECOWAS       :- Economic Cooperation Organization of West African States

EEC                :- European Economic Community

EEG                :- Electro Encephalogram Graph

EFTA              :- European Free Trade Association

EGPWS          :- Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EHTP             :- Electronics Hardware Technology Park

ELCINA        :- Electronics and Radar Development Establishment

ELISA            :- Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EMF               :- Electromotive Force

EMI                :- Equal Monthly Installment

EMR               :- Exclusive Marketing Right

EMS                :- European Monetary System

EMU               :- Electric Multiple Unit

ENLF              :- Elam National Liberation Front

EOW               :- Economic Offence Wing

EPIP                :- Export Promotion Industrial Park

EPRLF            :- Elam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front

EPZ                 :- Export Processing Zone

ERDA             :- Energy Research and Development Administration

ERS                :- European Remote Sensing Satellite

ERTS             :- Earth Resources Technology Satellite

ESA                :- European Space Agency

ESCAP            :- Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific

ESMA             :- Essential Services Maintenance Act

EVM               :- Electronic Voting Machine

EVTR              :- Electro Video Tape Recording

EXIM              :- bank Export-Import Bank of India

EURECA        :- European Research Coordinating Agency

FAO                 :- Food and Agriculture Organization

FARC              :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

FBI                  :- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBTR              :- Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FCV                :- Flue Cured Virginia (a kind of tobacco)

FCI                 :- Food Corporation of India/Fertilizer Corporation of India

FDR                :- Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

FERA              :- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FEMA             :- Foreign Exchange Management Act

FFI                  :- Film Federation of India

FICCI             :- Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

FIEO               :- Federation of Indian Export Organization

FIIA                :- Foreign Investment Implementation Authority

FIIT                :- Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

FIPB               :- Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FIR                 :- First Information Report

FRS                :- Fellow of the Royal Society

FTA                 :- Free To Air

FTII                :- Films & Television Institute of India

FTZ                 :- Free Trade Zone

GAIL               :- Gas Authority of India Limited

GATT              :- General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GAVI               :- Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

GCC                :- Gulf Cooperation Council

GIC                 :- General Insurance Corporation

GMPCS          :- Global Mobile Personal Communications System

GMRT            :- Giant Meterweb Radio Telescope

GMT               :- Greenwich Mean Time

GNLF             :- Gorkha National Liberation Front

GNP                :- Gross National Product

GPF                 :- General Provident Fund

GPO                :- General Post Office

GPRS              :- General Packet Radio Service

GPS                 :- Global Positioning System

GRA                :- Global Research Alliance

GSDI               :- Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

GSI                  :- Geological Survey of India

GSTP               :- Global System of Trade Practices

GSOMIA        :- General Security of Military Information Agreement

HAC                :- Hindustan Aluminium Corporation

HADP             :- Hill Area Development Programme

HAL                :- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HARK            :- Handy Audio Reach Kit System

HARTRDN    :- Haryana State Electricity Development Corporation Limited

HCF                :- Highest Common Factor

HDFC             :- Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDPE             :- High Density Poly Ethylene

HDTV             :- High Definition Television

HEC                :- Heavy Engineering Corporation

HEL                :- Heavy Electricals Limited

HESH             :- High Explosive Squash Head

HISA              :- Hero Indian Sports Academy

HIV                :- Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HMI               :- Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

HMT              :- Hindustan Machine Tools

HPTS             :- High Power Television Transmitter System

HTR              :- High Temperature Reactor

HUDCO         :- Housing and Urban Development Corporation

HYVS             :- High Yield Variety Seeds
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