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ATM Full Form

ATM Full Form, Full Meaning, Full Name

Automated Teller Machine    >>    Products

Air Traffic Management    >>    Transportation

Automatic Teller Machine    >>    Products

Asynchronous Transfer Mode    >>    Telecom

Atmosphere    >>    Meteorology

At The Moment     >>    Chat

Adobe Type Manager    >>    General

All The Money     >>    Funnies

ATMosfer    >>    Turkish

Advanced ToastMaster     >>    Toastmasters

Asynchronous Transport Mode    >>    Human Genome

All Types of Music    >>    Music

Amateur Telescope Makers    >>    Companies & Firms

After The Money    >>    General

Another Twenty Missing     >>    Funnies

Awareness Through Movement    >>    Physiology

Apollo Telescope Mount    >>    Astronomy

After The Meeting    >>    Conferences

Amateur Telescope Maker    >>    Astronomy

Across The Miles     >>    Chat

Any Time Money     >>    Funnies

Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutation    >>    Physiology

Anti-Tactical Missile    >>    Military

All The Madness     >>    Funnies

A Tragic Mistake     >>    Funnies

Area Training Manager    >>    Police

Awana Teen Ministries    >>    Religion

All Time Murder    >>    Law & Legal

Automated Token Machine    >>    Transportation

Automatic Timing Mechanism    >>    Electronics

Automatic Travel Money     >>    Funnies

Automated Transactional Management    >>    General

Altamira, PA, Brazil    >>    Airport Codes

Automated Theft Machine     >>    Funnies

Adobe Type Manager related file    >>    File Extensions

Amsterdam Treasury Bond Market    >>    Stock Exchange

Automated Trading Machine    >>    Stock Exchange

Automated Telephone Manager    >>    Software

Avoiding The Mob    >>    FBI Files

Automated Timing Mechanism    >>    Electronics

Annoying Tiny Messages    >>    Unclassified

Applied Technologies Manufacturing Company    >>    Companies & Firms

Advanced Team Member    >>    Clubs

Another Teachable Moment    >>    Educational

Alternative Transfer Model    >>    Unclassified

A** To Mouth     >>    Chat

Alien Time Machine     >>    Unclassified

Aschronous Transfer Mode    >>    General

Always Trust Magic     >>    Funnies

Automated Thanking Machine     >>    Unclassified

American Time Machine    >>    Music

Automated Teleportation Module    >>    Science Fiction

A Tremendous Migraine    >>    Funnies

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Alaska Test Methods    >>    Alaska

Another Teaching Moment    >>    Unclassified

A Terrible Mistake    >>    Funnies

Automated Transaction Machine    >>    International

American Tool and Mold    >>    Unclassified

Any Time Milk    >>    Unclassified

Automated Thanking Machines    >>    Unclassified

Arabian Travel Market    >>    Travel & Tourism

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing     >>    Manufacturing

Advanced Technical Materials    >>    Unclassified

Asynchronous Transfer Modefile    >>    Unclassified

automated teller machines    >>    Unclassified

Awesome Traveling Machine    >>    Travel & Tourism

Accces To Money    >>    Unclassified

Automated Transmissions Machine    >>    Telecom

Alien Training Module    >>    Science Fiction

Azienda Trasporti Milanesi    >>    Unclassified

A Time Machine    >>    Unclassified

Aaron T Myers    >>    Unclassified

Access To Tree Of Money    >>    Community

at the market    >>    Unclassified

Automatic Transaction Machine    >>    Unclassified

a terrible movie    >>    Unclassified

Access To Money    >>    Unclassified

Advanced Trauma Management    >>    Military

Against The Mainstream    >>    General

Aiming The Milk    >>    Unclassified

Air Target Material    >>    Military

Air traffic Movement    >>    Aircraft & Aviation

All That Matters    >>    Journals

Any Time Murder    >>    Unclassified

Asymmetrical Transfer Mode     >>    Unclassified

Australian Traditional Medicine    >>    Medical

A Tragic Mess    >>    Funnies

Aakash Times Magazine    >>    Media

Actual Time Machine    >>    Funnies

Advanced Test Module    >>    Electronics

all time malfunctioning    >>    Unclassified

Alternative Test Method    >>    Construction

Army Ten-Miler    >>    Physiology

Ask Too Much     >>    Chat

Assign Traffic Metering    >>    Military

Asychronous Transfer Mode    >>    Electronics

ataxia telangiectasia mutated    >>    Human Genome

Austrian Tunnelling Method    >>    Academic & Science

Amateur Telescope Making    >>    Astronomy

Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk (PT)    >>    ASX Symbols

Another Terrible Mistake     >>    Funnies

Anti-Tank Missile    >>    Military

Automatically Transmitted Money    >>    Funnies

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