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Peer-to-Peer    >>   Networking

Phenyl-2-Propanone    >>   Chemistry

P2P lending    >>   Finance

Point-to-Point    >>   Communication

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Production Assistant    >>   Job Titles

Phillips Academy    >>   Universities & Institutions

People’s Association    >>   Departments & Agencies

Pulmonary Artery    >>   Physiology

Philippine Army    >>   Military

Pan American World Airways    >>   Airport Codes

Personal Assistant    >>   Job Titles

Pascal    >>   Units

Public Address system    >>   General

Per annum    >>   Finance

Plate appearance    >>   Baseball

Pennsylvania    >>   States & Districts

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Political Action Committee    >>   Politics

Porting Authorisation Code    >>   Specifications & Standards

Panasonic Avionics Corporation    >>   Companies & Corporations

Plasma Arc Cutting    >>    General

Presentation-Abstraction-Control    >>   General Computing

Prince Alfred College    >>   Universities & Institutions

Public Affairs Council    >>   Professional Associations

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex    >>   Military

Planned Amortization Class    >>   Business Terms

Programmable Automation Controller    >>   Robotics & Automation

Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport    >>   Airport Codes

Perceptual Audio Coding    >>   Compression & Encoding

Premature Atrial Contraction    >>   Diseases & Conditions

Pulmonary Artery Catheterization    >>   Treatments & Procedures

Pan Africanist Congress    >>   Politics

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Physical Address Extension     >>   Hardware

Power-Added Efficiency    >>   Electronics
Physical Address Extensions    >>   Assembly
Post-Antibiotic Effect    >>   Physiology
Physical Address Extension    >>   Drivers
Physical Address Extension    >>   General
Peace Arch Entertainment Group, Inc.     >>   AMEX Symbols
Physical Aptitude Exam    >>   Military
Physical Aptitude Exam    >>   NASA
Consolidated Rail Corporation    >>   Railroads
Paine Field, Everett, Washington USA    >>   Airport Codes
Personnel Aspect Evaluation    >>   Occupation & Positions
Post Autistic Economics    >>   Unclassified
Policy Analysis Exercise    >>   US Government
Policy Analysis Exercise    >>   Military
Pacific Architect Engineering    >>   Unclassified
Pray About Everything    >>   Unclassified
Phsyical Aptitude Exam    >>   Unclassified
Performing Arts Exchange    >>   Unclassified
Protistology and Aquatic Ecology    >>   Unclassified
Performance Art Event    >>   Unclassified
Processor Address Extensions    >>   Unclassified
Problem Assessment Engineer    >>   NASA
Preventive Action Engineer    >>   NASA
Physical Activity Environments    >>   US Government

Produkte Anwendungen Entwicklungen    >>   Unclassified
Pain Alliance Europe    >>   Unclassified
Pacific Asia Express    >>   Unclassified

PiĆ«ch Asia Enterprises    >>   Unclassified

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Pakistan    :    Name Pakistan means Land of (the) Pure in Urdu and Persian    >>   Countries

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Phase Alternating Line    >>   Display & Graphics

Bipin Chandra Pal    >>   Celebrities & Famous

Programmable Array Logic    >>   Electronics

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Pamphlet    >>   Stationery

Pulse Amplitude Modulation    >>   Telecom
Pulse Amplitude Modulation    >>   Networking
Pulse Amplitude Modulation    >>   NASA
Pluggable Authentication Modules    >>   Unclassified
Pampanga    >>   Language Codes
Pamphlet    >>   Military
Pluggable Authentication Module    >>   Security
Pluggable Authentication Module    >>   General
Pulse Amplitude Modulation    >>   Military
Plugable Authentication Modules    >>   Unclassified
Programmable Active Memory    >>   General
Painted Apple Moth    >>   Unclassified
Penetration Augmented Munition    >>   Military
Power Assisted Micro    >>   Unclassified
Project Ares Mod    >>   Unclassified
Policy Analysis Market    >>   Unclassified
Pregnancy After Miscarriage    >>   Physiology
Port to Application Mapping    >>   Networking
Partitioned Access Method    >>   General
Process Application Module    >>   Electronics
Portable Authentication Module    >>   Networking
Patricia Anne May    >>   Unclassified
Professional Audience Member    >>   Occupation & Positions
Port Address Mapping    >>   Networking
Port Adapter Module    >>   Networking
Pittsburgh Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad Company    >>   Railroads
Peripheral Adapter Module    >>   Transportation
Prayer And Miracles    >>   Religion
Prediction Analysis Of Microarrays    >>   Unclassified
Percent of Accepted Mutations    >>   Human Genome
Project Account Management    >>   Unclassified
Promote Advertise Market    >>   General
Procurement Aircraft and Missiles    >>   Military
Prototype Algorithmic Module    >>   Unclassified
Professionalism Articulation Motivation    >>   General
Pamela    >>   Unclassified
Portland Art Museum    >>   Unclassified
pledged asset mortgage    >>   Unclassified
Pluggable Authentication    >>   Unclassified
Project Adjusting Mcm    >>   Unclassified
A Physically Active Mile    >>   Unclassified
Programmable Advanced Mathematics    >>   Unclassified
Prediction Analysis for Microarrays    >>   Unclassified
Point Accepted Mutations    >>   Unclassified
Perfumes and more    >>   Unclassified
Pulse Amplitude Modulated    >>   Unclassified
Public Awareness and Marketing    >>   Unclassified
Personal Authentication Message    >>   Unclassified
Power Assisted Microprocessor    >>   General
Pregnant Addicted Mother    >>   Law
Perks and Mini    >>   Unclassified
potential acuity meter    >>   Unclassified
Player Appreciation Month    >>   Unclassified
Payload Assist Module    >>   NASA
Pledged Account Mortgage    >>   Mortgage
Pesticide Analytical Manual    >>   FDA
Poly-AcrylaMide    >>   Construction
Physical Asset Management    >>   General
Preventive and Aerospace Medicine    >>   Military
Perceptual Anchoring Module    >>   Unclassified
Player Appreciaton Month    >>   Unclassified
Product of Arthur Meyerhof    >>   Food
Pulse Amplifier Modulation    >>   NASA
Passage Material    >>   Military
Pro-AMS U.S.Trust    >>   Toronto Stock Exchange
Postapproval Monitoring    >>   Veterinary
percent accepted mutation    >>   British Medicine
performing arts medicine    >>   British Medicine
phenylalanine mustard    >>   British Medicine
pralidoximine methiodide    >>   British Medicine
primary acquired melanosis    >>   British Medicine
professions allied to medicine    >>   British Medicine
pulmonary alveolar macrophage    >>   British Medicine
pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis    >>   British Medicine
Project Administration Manual    >>   General    

primary amoebic meningoencephalitis    >>   British Medicine
physical activity monitor    >>   Physiology
perception-action mechanism    >>   Physiology
Parents Against Molesters    >>   British Medicine

penicillin aluminium monostearate    >>   British Medicine

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Palo Alto Medical Foundation    >>   Medical Organizations

Palo Alto     >>   Unclassified

Prince Albert Model Forest    >>   Unclassified
Palo Alto  Foundation's    >>   Unclassified
Palo Alto    >>   Unclassified
Professional Aviation Maintenance Foundation    >>   Unclassified

Palo Alto  Foundation    >>   Non-Profit Organizations

People Against Meaningless Forwards    >>   Sports

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Permanent Account Number    >>   Rules & Regulations

Polyacrylonitrile    >>   Chemistry

Partai Amanat Nasional (National Mandate Party)    >>   Politics

Partido de Avanzada Nacional (National Advancement Party)    >>   Politics

Pattani Airport     >>   Airport Codes

Personal Area Network    >>   Networking

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Password Authentication Protocol    >>   Protocols

Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis    >>   Diseases & Conditions

Project Affected People    >>   Policies & Procedures

Positive Airway Pressure    >>   Treatments & Procedures

Printer Access Protocol    >>   Protocols

Push Access Protocol    >>   Protocols

People’s Action Party    >>   Politics

People’s Armed Police    >>   Military

Polska Agencja Prasowa    >>   News & Information

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Parle-G    :    Parle form ‘Parle village’ and G stood for ‘Glucose’ or ‘Genius’    >>   Patents & Trademarks

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PARTA    :    Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority    >>   Land Transport

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Power Assisted Steering    >>   Automotive

Parental Alienation Syndrome    >>   Psychiatry & Mental Health

Periodic acid-Schiff    >>   Laboratory

Publicly Available Specification    >>   Services

Physics Academic Software    >>   Software & Applications

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