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About Google | Full Form

Google is Technological Company which is providing internet related service in world wide as Search Engine. Google has first rank in Alexa. Google was incorporated as Private Company in September 4, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students at Stanford University. Headquarter of Google is held on California. Google has slogan many of you don’t know about it, Slogan is “Don’t be evil”.

Now, Sundar Pichai is CEO of Google. Google has 57,100 employees. Google has almost 200 Merger and Acquisitions and Google also has many sites but main two of those are YouTube and Blogger. 

Full Form of Google | Meaning

Actually Google does not have any official Full form because Google is not Abbreviation so we can extract it. But as of internet Google full forms are as under.

Most Important Abbreviations with Full Forms for all Competitive Exams

List of States of the United States

United States of America is consisting 50 states. Some are know them by full forms and some are by its Abbreviations. Here we are providing list of all 50 States of America with Abbreviations. 

In daily life we are using products and services of below mentioned all companies and brands. We know the company’s or Brand’s name but we do not know actual full form behind the name of company or Brand. Find and share Full Forms of top 13 brands and Companies of United States.

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0x    :    Zero-X fictitious Earth spacecraft in Supermarionation productions

16Th Ed WR    :    16Th Edition Wiring Regulations

A+I    :    Architecture + Interiors magazine

A/E    :    Architect/Engineer

A/F    :    Across Flats 

AAA    :    Alberta Association of Architects

AAC    :    Aluminum Anodizers Council  

AACA    :    Architects Accreditation Council of Australia

AAESDA    :    Association of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Draughtsmen of Australia

AAG    :    Advances in Architectural Geometry

AAHP    :    Arts and Architecture Honors Program

AALA    :    Alberta Association of Landscape Architects

AAMA    :    American Architectural Manufacturer's Association

AAMA    :    Association Architectural Manufacturers Association

AAMA    :    American Architectural manufacturers associations

AARB    :    Art and Architectural Review Board

AAT    :    Architecture Aptitude Test

AATO    :    Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

ABAAG    :    Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines

ABCD    :    Analysis of Building Climatic Data

ABDS    :    Architectural Building Design Services

ABH    :    Architectural Builders Hardware

ABI    :    At Bit Inclination

ABRI    :    Architecture and Building Research Institute

ABTA    :    Absolute Background Textures Archive

ABWF    :    Architectural Builders Works and Finishes

AC    :    Alternating Current

ACAI    :    Architecture Commune des Applications Informatiques

ACB    :    Active Chilled Beam

ACC    :    Architectural Control Committee

ACE    :    Artificial Compound Entity

ACE    :    Architecture Construction and Engineering

ACE    :    Amethyst Contrast Enhancer

ACH    :    Air Changes per Hour

ACHP    :    Advisory Council on Historic Preservation


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