Analog to Digital Converter    >>   Instruments & Devices

More Full Forms related to ADC

Add with Carry    >>   Assembly

Aid to Dependent Children    >>   US Government

Analog to Digital Conversion    >>   Media

Aide De Camp    >>   Military

Animal Damage Control    >>   State & Local

Air Defense Command    >>   Military

Analog to Digital Converter    >>   NASA

Analog to Digital Converter    >>   Electronics

Analog-to-Digital Converter    >>   Telecom

Analog to Digital Converter    >>   Drivers

Analog to Digital Converter    >>   Networking

Analog to Digital Converter    >>   General

Apple Developer Connection    >>   General

Apple Display Connector    >>   General

Analog Detection Circuit    >>   Military

Architecture Design Contractor    >>   Military

Arizona Designer Craftsmen    >>   Firms

Asociación de Damas Colombianas    >>   Guatemalan

Analog Digital Combiner    >>   Military

Apple Display Connecter    >>   Hardware

Automatic Delay Compensation    >>   Hardware

ScanStudio 16 color Bitmap graphics    >>   File Extensions

Active Data Connector    >>   

Audio Dynamics Corporation    >>   Firms

Agree Realty Corporation    >>   NYSE Symbols

Active Directory Connector    >>   General

Automatic Data Collection    >>   General

After Death Communication    >>   Psychology

Automated Data Capture    >>   General

Assistant District Commissioner  
>>   Occupation & Positions

Area Distribution Center    >>   USPS

Advanced Disk Catalog    >>   General

Area Damage Control    >>   Military

Assistant Division Commander    >>   Military

Adult Detention Center    >>   Police

Agility Dog of Canada    >>   Dogs Related

Lingvo Dictionary file    >>   File Extensions

Architecture Development and Construction    >>   Architecture

Alexandria Drafting Company    >>   Firms

Agrupación Democrática Ceutí    >>   Spanish

Animal Drawn Cart    >>   Transportation

After Dark Charlie    >>   File Extensions

Acronym Development Company    >>   Funnies

Asamblea Democrática de Cataluña    >>   Spanish

Auxiliary Domain Controller    >>   Networking

Analog-to-Digital Converter    >>   Hardware

Automatic Data Completion    >>   Software

ADC Sound format    >>   File Extensions

Assaulters Don't Camp    >>   Law

Ambulance Dispatch Center    >>   Hospitals

Aden Daniel Carl    >>   Names and Nicknames

Advanced Data Converter    >>   Electronics

Application Defense Center    >>   Unclassified

application delivery controller    >>   Unclassified

Advanced Direct Connect    >>   Unclassified

Association of Diving Contractors    >>   Unclassified

Automatic Devices Company    >>   Unclassified

Attack Damage Carry    >>   Unclassified

Antwerp Diamond Community    >>   Unclassified

Arkansas Department of Correction    >>   Unclassified

Agricultural Digital Camera    >>   Unclassified

Arkansas Department of Corrections    >>   Unclassified

After Dark Committee    >>   Unclassified

Area Distribution Center    >>   General

Access Deficit Charge    >>   Telecom

Automatic Display Control    >>   Unclassified

Automatic Drip Coffee    >>   Unclassified

Analog to Digital Converters    >>   Unclassified

Austin Diagnostic Clinic    >>   Unclassified

Area Defense Counsel    >>   Unclassified

Applied Data Corporation    >>   Unclassified

Adobe Developer Connection    >>   Unclassified

Association Of District Councils    >>   Unclassified

American Diagnostic Corporation    >>   Unclassified

at Dictionary com    >>   Unclassified

After Date of Contract    >>   US Government

Australian Dairy Corporation    >>   Australian

Aluminum Die Cast    >>   Products

Air Data Computer    >>   Aircraft & Aviation

Affiliated Data Center    >>   NASA

Air Defense Commander    >>   Military

Canadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund    >>   Toronto Stock Exchange

antibody-dependent cytotoxicity    >>   British Medicine

anthracenedicarboxyaldehyde    >>   British Medicine

anodal duration contraction Physiology    >>   British Medicine

anchorage-dependent cell    >>   British Medicine

analogue-to-digital computer    >>   British Medicine

Alzheimer’s disease centre    >>   British Medicine

albumin, dextrose, catalase Microbiology    >>   British Medicine

AIDS-dementia complex    >>   British Medicine

affective disorders clinic    >>   British Medicine

agar diffusion chamber    >>   British Medicine

adult day care    >>   British Medicine

adenylate cyclase    >>   British Medicine

adrenal cortex    >>   British Medicine

active diffusion control    >>   British Medicine

Aide-de-camp    >>   Military

African Democratic Congress    >>   Politics

apparent diffusion coefficient    >>   British Medicine

arginine decarboxylase    >>   British Medicine

automatic data capture    >>   British Medicine

average daily census    >>   British Medicine

axiodistocervical Dentistry    >>   British Medicine

Analog Digital Converter    >>   Electronics

Army Dental Command    >>   Military

Aid to Dependent Children    >>   State & Local

Adult Day Care    >>   Housing

Aerospace Development Center    >>   NASA

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