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National Aluminate Corporation    >>   Companies & Corporations

National Aluminium Company Limited    >>   Firms & Organizations

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New Amsterdam Musical Association    >>   Arts Associations

North American Manipur Association    >>   Regional Organizations

National Agri-Marketing Association    >>   Business Associations

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency    >>   Departments & Agencies

National Ayurvedic Medical Association    >>   Medical Organizations

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates    >>   Medical Organizations

National Automatic Merchandising Association    >>   Business Associations

North American Mycological Association    >>   Educational Organizations

Non-Agricultural Market Access    >>   Trade

National Asset Management Agency    >>   Departments & Agencies

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National Association of Maritime Organizations    >>   Regional Organizations

Narendra Modi    >>   Celebrities & Famous

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National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis    >>   Farming & Agriculture

National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities    >>   Medical Organizations

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Napster    :    Named after Fanning’s hairstyle-based nickname    >>   Companies & Corporations

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Network-Attached Storage    >>   Networking

National Academy of Sciences    >>   Educational
National Academy of Sciences    >>   Ocean Science
National Academy of Sciences    >>   Professional Organizations
National Academy of Sciences    >>   NASA                                         
National Academy of Sciences    >>   FDA
Network-Attached Storage    >>   Drivers
Network Attached Storage    >>   Networking
Network Attached Storage    >>   Hardware
National Academy of Sciences    >>   Human Genome
Naval Air Station    >>   NASA
Naval Air Station    >>   Transportation
Naval Air Station    >>   Military
National Airspace System    >>   Military
National Airspace System    >>   Meteorology
National Airspace System    >>   Transportation
Network Audio System    >>   Networking
Network Attached Storage    >>   Telecom
Naval Air Station    >>   US Government
sau, Bahamas    >>   Airport Codes
Network Access Server    >>   Networking
Network Access Server    >>   General
National Audubon Society    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
National Autistic Society    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Network Access Services    >>   Networking
Newly Associated States    >>   United Nations                                 
No Added Sugar    >>   Food
Numerical Aerospace Simulation    >>   NASA
National Aerospace Standard    >>   NASA
North American Specification    >>   US Government
Non-indigenous Aquatic Species    >>   Ocean Science
Network Area Storage    >>   Unclassified
National Aerospace Standards    >>   NASA
Network Audio Server    >>   Networking
Naval Air Squadron    >>   Military            

Not Absolutely Sure    >>   Texting
Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator    >>   Military
Not A Stock    >>   Stock Exchange
North American Series    >>   Meteorology
New Acronym Search    >>   Unclassified
Not Another School    >>   Colleges & Universities
Not Another School    >>   Chat
Nikon Advanced Systems    >>   Firms
No Active Support    >>   US Government
Northern Associated Schools    >>   Schools
Needle Arts Studio    >>   Media
Not A Slapper    >>   Unclassified
Network Appliance Servers    >>   Unclassified
New Allied Sith    >>   Unclassified
Network Addressable Storage    >>   Unclassified
Not A Scratch    >>   Unclassified
Network Administrator Specialist    >>   Occupation & Positions
Non Action System    >>   US Government
Never Any Service    >>   Funnies
Non-Access Stratum    >>   Geology
New American Standard    >>   Products
NTFS Analog System    >>   Software
National Association of Seadogs    >>   Non-Profit Organizations                              
Network Authentication Service    >>   Security
Nice And Slow    >>   Chat
New Active Substance    >>   FDA
National Airspace System    >>   US Government
National Accessible Scheme    >>   Environmental
Native American Studies    >>   Colleges & Universities
Net Analyte Signal    >>   Physics
No Age Statement    >>   Police
National Aircraft Standard    >>   NASA
North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust, PLC.    >>   London Stock Exchange                               
Northstar Aerospace, Inc.    >>   Toronto Stock Exchange
National Academy of Sciences    >>   US Government
National Acceptor Survey    >>   British Medicine
National Asthma Survey    >>   FDA
No Abnormality Seen    >>   Hospitals
Normative Aging Study    >>   British Medicine
Nucleus Accumbens Septum    >>   Laboratory
Normative Aging Study    >>   Physiology
Network Application Server    >>   Manufacturing
National Airspace System    >>   Aircraft & Aviation
Naval Air Station    >>   Aircraft & Aviation
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome    >>   Physiology

Narcotics Assistance Section    >>   British Medicine

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North American Saxophone Alliance    >>   Arts Associations

Navy Alpine Snowsports Association    >>   Sports & Recreation Organizations

National Association of Students of Architecture    >>   Educational Organizations

National Aeronautics and Space Administration    >>   Firms & Organizations

National Auto Sport Association    >>   Sports & Recreation Organizations

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National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations    >>   Stock Market

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation    >>   Stock Exchange
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations    >>   General
No Actual Sales, Dividends, Assets, or Quality    >>   Funnies
No Answers, So Don't Ask Questions    >>   Funnies
North American Stocks, Dividends, and Quarterlys    >>   Funnies
Nerdy Ass Stocks Don't Appreciate Quarterly    >>   Funnies
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations    >>   DAQ Symbols

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation    >>   Unclassified

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National Association of Secretaries of State    >>   Governmental Organizations

Ngee Ann Secondary School    >>   Universities & Institutions

National Asylum Support Service    >>   Departments & Agencies

National Agricultural Statistics Service    >>   Departments & Agencies

Network Attachment Subsystem    >>   Networking

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NASSCOM    :    National Association of Software and Services Companies    >>   Technological Organizations

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Nucleic Acid Testing    >>   Biochemistry

National Air Transport   >>   Air Transport

Network Address Translation    >>   Protocols

Nutrition Analysis Tool    >>   Medical Organizations

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National Aptitude Test in Architecture    >>   Exams & Tests

Netley Abbey Tartan Army    >>   Unclassified
Nuts About Tatting Association    >>   Hobbies
National Anti Terrorist Association    >>   US Government
National Association of Temple Administrators    >>   Professional Organizations
National Athletic Trainers Association    >>   Sports
National Association of Testing Authorities    >>   Colleges & Universities
National Air Transportation Association    >>   Professional Organizations
Nepal Association of Travel Agents    >>   Professional Organizations
Nebraska Art Teachers Association    >>   Professional Organizations
National Air Toxics Assessment    >>   Environmental
Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys    >>   Unclassified
National Association for Temple Administration    >>   Unclassified
NW Automotive Trades Association    >>   Unclassified
National Aptitude Test in Architecture    >>   Architecture
North American Trainer Association    >>   Unclassified
North American Telugu Association    >>   Unclassified
National Aptitude test for Architecture    >>   Unclassified
National Athletic Trainers' Association    >>   Unclassified

National American Telecommunications Association    >>   Professional Organizations

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization    >>   Governmental Organizations

National Association of Theater Owners    >>   Professional Organizations
North American Treaty Organization    >>   Unclassified
Not A Terrorist Organization    >>   Funnies
Kuzey Atlantik Antlasmasi Teskilati    >>   Turkish
Not Able To Organize    >>   Funnies
The North American Telemark Organization    >>   Unclassified
North Atlantic Treaty Organization    >>   Military
North American Tournament Organization    >>   Gaming
No Action Talk Only    >>   Funnies                                          
National Association of Theatre Owners    >>   Media
Not Another Time Out?    >>   Sports
Needs Americans To Operate    >>   Funnies
North Atlatic Treaty Organization    >>   Unclassified
National Association Of Times Out    >>   Professional Organizations
No Action, Transport Only    >>   Funnies
Nightmare And Terror Organization    >>   Funnies
Not Actual Tree Origin    >>   Unclassified
North American Treaty Organization    >>   Ocean Science
Needs Alcohol to Operate    >>   Funnies
Not Attached To Outcome    >>   Funnies
Nova Allied Tactical Organisation    >>   Unclassified
Needs America To Operate    >>   Funnies
North Arctic Treaty Organisation    >>   Unclassified
North American Trade Operation    >>   Unclassified
North American Terrorist Organisation    >>   Funnies
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation    >>   State & Local
North Atlantic Treaty Organization    >>   Manufacturing
New Albanian Terrorist Organization    >>   Funnies
Nazis Are Taking Over    >>   Funnies
Not About To Offend    >>   Funnies                                      
Not All That Original    >>   Funnies
North Atlantic Treaty Orgasm    >>   Funnies

Never Allow the Teachers Out    >>   Funnies

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