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Electronics and Communication Engineering    >>   Courses

Educational Credential Evaluators    >>   Educational Organizations

Economic Commission for Europe    >>   Governmental Organizations

ElectroCardioGram    >>   Laboratory

ElectroCardioGram    >>   Laboratory
ElectroCardioGram    >>   FDA
East Coast Greenway    >>   Environmental
Embodied Construction Grammar    >>   Educational
ElectroCardioGram    >>   Physiology
ElectroCardioGram    >>   Oncology
ElectroCardioGram    >>   NASA
Exercise Control Group    >>   Military
Emergency Coordination Group    >>   Military
East Central Group    >>   Firms
Electrical Chemical Group    >>   Chemistry
Geoworks Error-Checking version of pre-processed GOC source code file    >>   File Extensions
Example Commands and Gifts    >>   Funnies
Existential Computers and Games    >>   Sports
Effectiveness, Character, Gifts    >>   General
English C Group    >>   Telecom 

Electronic Component Guide    >>   Electronics
Electronic Control Gear    >>   Electronics
Emergency Coordination Group    >>   NASA
Envoy Capital Group, Inc.    >>   Toronto Stock Exchange

Echocardiography    >>   Laboratory
Electrocardiogram     >>   Laboratory
Electrocardiogram    >>    Physics

echocardiography    >>   British Medicine
Electrocardiography    >>   British Medicine                                       

equine chorionic gonadotropin    >>   British Medicine

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited    >>   Firms & Organizations

Enterprise Consortium of the Gulf Coast    >>   Business Associations

Empowerment Center of Greater Cleveland    >>   Regional Organizations

East Caribbean Group of Companies    >>   Companies & Corporations

Ealing Centre for Independent Living    >>   Organizations

Electronics Corporation of India Limited    >>   Firms & Organizations

Emitter Coupled Logic    >>   Electronics

Execution Control List    >>   Software
Embeddable Common Lisp    >>   Software
Enhanced Chemiluminescence    >>   Human Genome
European Cyber League    >>   Unclassified
Emitter Coupled Logic    >>   Electronics
Ecolab, Inc.    >>   NYSE Symbols
Effective Character Level    >>   Unclassified
Encoder Control List    >>   Security
Esterel C Language    >>   Software
Executive Control Language    >>   Unclassified
Executive Command Level    >>   Assembly
Extra Credit Library    >>   Colleges & Universities
Equivalent Character Level    >>   Unclassified
Exit Control List    >>   Security
Eastern Colored League    >>   Unclassified
Erosion Control Line    >>   Unclassified
E Commerce Logistics    >>   Unclassified              

Equivalent Class Level    >>   Unclassified
Encounter Challenge Level    >>   Sports
Event Communication Language    >>   Unclassified
Extended Component Life    >>   Unclassified
Extended Control Logic    >>   Hardware
Equator Crossing Longitude    >>   Military
Electronic Combination Lock    >>   Unclassified
End of Custody Licence    >>   Law
Entry Closed Loop    >>   NASA

Earning Customer Loyalty    >>   General
Eurpoean Combat League    >>   Sports
Estimated Class Level    >>   Unclassified

electrochemiluminescence    >>   FDA

European Computer Manufacturers Association    >>   Technological Organizations

Script    >>   Unclassified
European Crisis Management Academy    >>   Firms
Ethiopian  Mutual Association    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
E- Currency Merchants Association    >>   Firms
European Computer Manufacturers Association    >>   General
European Computer Manufacturers Association    >>   Professional Organizations
East Coast Music Awards    >>   Music
East Coast Music Association    >>   Unclassified                               
Egyptian Capital Market Association    >>   Unclassified
European Chamber Music Academy    >>   Unclassified

Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association    >>   Unclassified
European Cigar Manufacturers Association    >>   Professional Organizations      

East Coast Magnetic Anomaly    >>   Unclassified
European Computer Manufacture Association    >>   Unclassified
Early Childhood Music Association    >>   Unclassified
European Country Music Association    >>   Unclassified               

Equal Chance My Ass    >>   Unclassified

East Coast Music Assosiation    >>   Unclassified

Economic and Social Council    >>   International Organizations

ECOnomic and SOCial Council    >>   Ocean Science
Economic and Social Committee    >>   Veterinary
Committee of Experts On the Transport of Dangerous Goods of the United Nations Economic and Social Council    >>   Transportation
Economic and Social Council     >>   Military

Economic and Social Council    >>   United Nations

Economic and Social Council    >>   US Government

Electrocerebral silence    >>   Diseases & Conditions

Empire City Subway    >>   Companies & Corporations

Education Commission of the States    >>   Departments & Agencies

Ecuadorian Sucres    >>   Currencies

Entertainment Computer System    >>   Games & Entertainment

Mondell Airport    >>   Airport Codes

Environmental Control System    >>   Airplanes & Aircraft

Electronic Clearing System    >>   Banking

Enhanced Chip Set    >>   Hardware

Electrochemical Society    >>   Professional Associations

Elitegroup Computer Systems    >>   Companies & Corporations

Evangelical Christian School    >>   Universities & Institutions

Electronic Control Unit    >>   Automotive

Edith Cowan University    >>   Universities & Institutions

European Currency Unit    >>   Units

EDGE    :    Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution    >>   Communication

Explicit Data Graph Execution    >>   General Computing

Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution    >>   Communication

EDGW    :    Edgewater Technology    >>   Companies & Corporations

Extra Dural Haematoma    >>   Diseases & Conditions

Electronic Document Handling    >>   General
Error Detection And Handling    >>   General

Educational Delegation to Honduras    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Enrolled Dental Hygienist    >>   Occupation & Positions                                                

Exceptional Dave Hurst    >>   Unclassified

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Software & Applications

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Networking
Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Ocean Science
Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Telecom
Eating Disorder Inventory    >>   Physiology
Electronic Document Interchange    >>   General

Economic Development Initiative    >>   Unclassified
Electronic Data Interface    >>   Unclassified

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Transportation
Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Military

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   General
Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Accounting

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Electronics

Electronic Data Interchange    >>   Software
Electronic Data Interchange    >>   FDA   

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK    >>   Airport Codes
Early Development Instrument    >>   Unclassified
Eating Disorders     >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Educational Development Initiative    >>   Educational
Equality Dignity And Independence    >>   Educational
A Electronic Data Input    >>   Unclassified
Electronic Data Institutions    >>   Unclassified
Executive Development Institute    >>   Unclassified
Environmental Dynamics     >>   Unclassified

Everyone's Doing It    >>   Chat
Economic Developers For Israel    >>   Firms
Excence, Dedication, and Integrity    >>   Educational
Exercise, Diet, and Insulin    >>   Physiology
Everyones Doing It    >>   Unclassified
Exterior Design Institute    >>   Unclassified
Environmental Dynamics Inc    >>   Unclassified
Employment Disability Institute    >>   Unclassified
Education Delivery Institute    >>   Unclassified

Employment and Disability Institute    >>   Unclassified
Electron Drift Instrument    >>   Unclassified

estimated daily intake    >>   Physiology

European Drug index    >>   British Medicine
electronic data exchange     >>   US Government

Eidgenössisches Departement des Innern    >>   Unclassified

Extreme Deep Invader    >>   Unclassified

Economic Development Institute    >>   Unclassified

Efficient Direct Intigent    >>   Unclassified

Electrical De-Ionization    >>   Chemistry

From the name of its founder, Earl Dodge Osborn    >>   Companies & Corporations

Extended Data Out    >>   Hardware

Enhanced Data Rate    >>   Communication

Event Data Recorder    >>   Automotive

Electrodialysis Reversal    >>   Chemistry

Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator    >>   Hardware

Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer    >>   Unclassified

Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator    >>   Hardware

Electric Drive Transportation Association    >>   Business Associations

Educational Theatre Association    >>   Arts Associations

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid    >>   Chemistry

EDUSAT    :    Educational Satellite    >>   Astronomy & Space Science

EDVAC    :    Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer    >>   Hardware