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Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam    >>    Politics

Danne Montague King    >>   Unclassified
Dual Model Kit    >>   Unclassified
Dystrophia Myotonica Kinase    >>   Unclassified

DiMethyl Ketone    >>   Chemistry
Dravida Munnetra kazhagam    >>   Politics         
Deutsch Mark    >>   Currencies
Dirty Minded Koreans    >>   Military
David McLay Kidd    >>   Unclassified
Dravida Munetra Kazhgam    >>   Unclassified
Doug Matt Kevin    >>   Unclassified

Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam    >>   Unclassified

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Digital Light Processing    >>   Electronics

Data Link Processor    >>   Meteorology                              
Data Link Processor    >>   Transportation
Data Link Processor    >>   Military
Delta & Pine Land Company    >>   NYSE Symbols
Digital Light Processing    >>   Electronics
Digital Light Processor    >>   Software
Digital Light Projection    >>   Conferences
Discrete Logarithm Problem    >>   Mathematics
Daily Language Practice    >>   Educational
Disjunctive Logic Programming    >>   Mathematics
Doctrinal Literature Program    >>   Military
Developmental Learning Program    >>   Educational
Drunken Lan Party    >>   Politics
Daniel L. Perez Elementary School    >>   Schools
Desktop Link Protocol    >>   Networking
District Leadership Plan    >>   Toastmasters
Donruss Leaf Playoff    >>   Hobbies
Digital Light Processing    >>   Products
Digital Light Processing    >>   Physics
Digital Light Processing    >>   Hardware
Developmental Leadership Program    >>   Unclassified
Democratic Labour Party    >>   Unclassified
Data Leakage Preventation    >>   Software
Distance Learning Program    >>   Educational
Data Loss Prevention    >>   Security

Data Leakage Prevention    >>   Unclassified
Defence Learning Portal    >>   Unclassified
Defect Liability Period    >>   General

Data Leak Prevention    >>   Security

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Digital Living Network Alliance    >>   Specifications & Standards

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Dynamic Link Library    >>   Software & Applications

Doubly Linked List    >>   Databases
Direct Link Library    >>   NASDAQ Symbols
Descubrimiento La Lectura    >>   Spanish

Dynamic Link Library    >>   Software
Dynamic Link Library    >>   Drivers
Dynamic Link Library    >>   File Extensions
Delay Locked Loop    >>   Electronics
Dinosaur Lizard Library    >>   Funnies
Dynamic Ly Linked    >>   Unclassified
Dramatic Lisp Linker    >>   Software
Double Leading Logarithmic    >>   Mathematics
Dynamically Loaded Library    >>   Unclassified
Digital Delay Locked    >>   Unclassified
Delay Lock Loop    >>   Unclassified
Data Link Layer    >>   Networking

Discrete Logarithmic Loop    >>   Unclassified
Dynamic Link Libraries    >>   Unclassified
De Lage Landen    >>   Unclassified

Division of Lifelong Learning    >>   Unclassified

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Dampf-Kraft-Wagen    >>   Companies & Corporations

Das Kleine Wonder    >>   Unclassified

Dampf Kraft Wagen    >>   Military
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein    >>   Firms
Duitse Kinder Wa     >>   Products

Damf Kraft Wagen    >>   Unclassified

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Dattajirao Kadam Technical Education Society    >>   Universities & Institutions

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Donna Karan New York    >>    Celebrities & Famous

Donkey Kong No Yelling    >>   Funnies
Ddi Kiem Nguoi Yeu    >>   Unclassified
Donna Karan New York    >>   Firms
Donna Karen New York    >>   Clothes

dry kegs no yansh    >>   Unclassified

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Dual Inline Package    >>   Electronics

Driver Improvement Program    >>   Transportation
Decision In Principle    >>   General
Dissolved Inorganic Phosphate    >>   Chemistry
Digimon Intensity Project    >>   Colleges & Universities
Digimon Intensity Project    >>   General

Dialup  Protocol    >>   Telecom

Debtor In Possession    >>   Law
Dual Inline Package    >>   Electronics
Dual In-line Package    >>   Hardware
Distal InterPhalangeal    >>   Physiology
Document Image Processing    >>   General

Digital Image Pro    >>   Hospitals
Daftar Isian Proyek    >>   Unclassified
Dual Inline Pin    >>   Unclassified
Data Information And Process    >>   Unclassified
Dance In Peace    >>   Unclassified
Die In Place    >>   Military
Database Initialization Program    >>   Databases

Database of Interaction Proteins    >>   Human Genome
Debug info processor     >>   File Extensions
Descending Inhibitory Pathway    >>   Physiology
Diversified Innovative Products    >>   Unclassified
Digital Input Platform    >>   Hardware
Discipleship In Progress    >>   Religion
Disciplinary Intervention Program    >>   Law
Decisions In Progress    >>   Unclassified
Developer Induction Printer    >>   Unclassified

Downtown Implementation Plan    >>   Unclassified
Dmitry I Plato off    >>   Unclassified
Defence Intelligence Plan    >>   Military
Dynamic Protocol    >>   Networking
Dingo In Propulsion    >>   Unclassified
Diffraction Image Plate    >>   Physics
Digital Ink Paint    >>   Unclassified
Dynamic Information Protocol    >>   Unclassified
Decision In Principal    >>   Unclassified
Drunken In Public    >>   Unclassified

Did It Prior    >>   Police
Designated Inspection Point    >>   NASA
Display Input Processor    >>   NASA

Display Interface Processor    >>   NASA
Ductile Iron Pipe    >>   Construction

Digital image processing    >>   British Medicine
Digital Information Policy    >>   British Medicine
diisopropyl phosphate    >>   British Medicine
Drug-induced psychosis    >>   British Medicine
Ductile Iron Pipe    >>   Products
Dual In-line Package    >>   General         

Directorate for Intelligence Production    >>   Military
Dual-in-line package    >>   General
Deputy Inspector of Passport    >>   Police
Desisopropylpropranolol    >>   British Medicine
desquamative interstitial pneumonia    >>   British Medicine

Diffuse interstitial pneumonia    >>   British Medicine

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Dual In-line Memory Module    >>   Hardware

Dual Inline Memmory Modual    >>   Unclassified
DSP Interface ManageMent    >>   Networking

Dual-In-line Memory Module    >>   Electronics
Dual Inline Memory Module    >>   Military                                        
Dual Inline Memory Module    >>   General
Dual Inline Memory Module    >>   Networking                                
Differential Image Motion Monitor    >>   Unclassified                                  
Duel Inline Memory Module    >>   Software
Difficult To Install Memory Module    >>   Funnies
A Digital Information Memory Mode    >>   Unclassified

Dual In-line Memory Module    >>   Hardware

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District Institutes of Educational and Training Common Entrance Test    >>   Exams & Tests

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Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine    >>   Medical

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Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation    >>   Banking

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Dynamic HTML    >>   Internet

Di-Hydro Tetra-Methl Lactate    >>   Chemistry

Dynamic HyperText Markup Language    >>   Software

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named after its founders, Adrian ‘D’alsey, Larry ‘H’illblom, and Robert ‘L’ynn    >>   Companies & Corporations

Description Horn Logic    >>   Software
Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn    >>   Firms                                  
Deliver Here Last    >>   Funnies
Day and a Half Late    >>   Funnies
Didn't Have Lunch    >>   Chat
Drastic Hearing Loss    >>   Physiology
Diffuse Histiocytic Lymphoma    >>   Oncology
Delivery Halfway Lost    >>   Funnies
Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn    >>   Unclassified
Douie Houie and Louie    >>   Unclassified
Deutsche Heitwasslabungden Luffposte    >>   Firms
Dumped, Hidden, or Lost    >>   Funnies
Documents Hopelessy Lost    >>   Funnies
Didn't Hit the Lottery    >>   Funnies
Diffuse Histiocytic Leukemia    >>   Physiology
Damn Heavy Load    >>   Funnies
Deutche Hollandaise Lines    >>   Firms
Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn    >>   Transportation
Devoted Hanson Lover    >>   Funnies
Denfield Hockey League    >>   Sports
Doaul Hockey League    >>   Sports
Donkey, Horse, or Legs    >>   Funnies
Deliver Horribly Late    >>   Unclassified
Dusted Her Lingerie    >>   Funnies
Deutschland Hires Losers    >>   Funnies
Dalsey Hillblom Lynn     >>   Firms
Doctor of Humane Letters    >>   Academic Degrees
Delivers Here Late    >>   Unclassified
Dag Hammarskj√∂ld Library     >>   Unclassified
Dewey, Huey, & Louie    >>   Funnies

Don't Hurry Love    >>   Chat

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