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COP Full Form, Full Meaning, Full Name

Colombian Peso
>>    Currencies

Conference Of the Parties
>>    Law & Legal

Common Operational Picture
>>    Military

Coalition Of Police
>>    Law & Legal

CPU (Central Processing Unit) Overheating Protection
>>    Hardware

Coefficient Of Performance
>>    Mathematics

Oriented Police
>>    Police

Coastal Ocean Program
>>    Ocean Science

Continuation Of Pay
>>    Occupation & Positions

Oriented Policing
>>    Law & Legal

Of Practice
>>    General

Certificate Of Participation
>>    Educational

Cost Of Production
>>    General

>>    Language Codes (3 Letters)

Close Of Play
>>    Unclassified

Consumption On Premises
>>    Law & Legal

Citizen On Patrol
>>    Community

Canada Olympic Park
>>    Sports

Coil On Plug
>>    Hardware

Committee Of Practitioners
>>    Educational

Christian Orthopaedic Partners
>>    Non-Profit Organizations

Child Occupant Protection
>>    Transportation

On Patrol
>>    Law & Legal

Contingency Operation Plan
>>    Military

Children Of the Phoenix
>>    Media

Constable On Patrol
>>    Occupation & Positions

Cash On Pickup
>>    Accounting

City of Prineville Railway
>>    Railroads

Convention Of the Parties
>>    United Nations

Command Observation Post
>>    Military

Certificate Of Production
>>    General

Citizens Of the Pentagram
 >>    Science Fiction

Cross Our Palms
>>    General

Christians On Patrol
>>    Religion

Coda Optimistic Protocol
>>    Networking

Controller Operating Properly
>>    Hardware

Call Or Put warrant
>>    Stock Exchange

Continuous Operating Panel
>>    NASA

Coefficient Of Power
>>    Physics

Congressional Oversight Panel
 >>    Unclassified

Code Of Practice
>>    General

Chance Of Precipitation
>>    Meteorology

CONOCO Phillips, Inc.
>>    NYSE Symbols

Carry On Persevering
>>    Community

Common Operational Plan
>>    Military

Contempt Of Police
>>    Law & Legal

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Center Of Pen
>>    Hardware

Communication on Progress
 >>    Unclassified

Central Ostbothonic Polytechnics
>>    Companies & Firms

Crop Output Production
 >>    Farming & Agriculture

Circle Of Power
>>    Politics

Communities of Practice
>>    Community

Children Of Potentials
 >>    Unclassified

Citizen Oversight Panel
 >>    Unclassified

Common Operating Picture
 >>    Unclassified

Canadian On-line Pharmacy
>>    Prescription

Car Operation Panel
>>    Architecture

Conference of Parties
>>    Conferences

Constable of Peace
 >>    Unclassified

Consolidated Products, Inc. (delisted)
>>    NYSE Symbols

Cooling Operating Procedures
>>    Physics

Center Of Pressure
>>    Physiology

Certificate of Payment
>>    United Nations

Change Order Proposal
>>    Business

Chief Of Police
>>    Police

combat outpost
>>    Military

Concurrency Oriented Programming
>>    Software

Condition of Participation
>>    General

Conditions Of Participation
>>    US Government

Conservator Of Petroleum
>>    Environmental

Contingency Operations Plan
>>    NASA

Coro Mining Corporation
>>    Stock Exchange

Circle Oil
>>    Stock Exchange

Clean Out of Place
>>    FDA

Co-Orbiting Platform
>>    NASA

Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos
>>    Societies

Colloid Osmotic Pressure
>>    Physiology

Corps Of Engineers
>>    Military

Creativity, Openness, and Professionalism
>>    General

Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia
>>    Healthcare

Custom Of the Port
>>    International Business

Customer Oriented Process
>>    Professional Organizations

Spanish Psychological Association

>>    Societies

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