American Power Conversion    >>   Companies & Corporations

A Perfect Circle    >>   Religion

Advanced Process Control    >>   Electronics

Armored Personnel Carrier    >>   Military

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation    >>   NYSE Symbols

Automatic Power Control    >>   Electronics

Ambulatory Payment Classification    >>   Hospitals

Argon Plasma Coagulation    >>   Hospitals

Antigen Presenting Cell    >>   Unclassified

Assessment of Professional Competence    >>   General

Asynchronous Procedure Call    >>   Assembly

Asynchronous Procedure Call    >>   Drivers

Automatic Performance Control    >>   Transportation

American Product Company    >>   Firms

Australian Personal Computer    >>   General

American Products Company    >>   Firms

Armored Personel Carrier    >>   Unclassified

Angled Physical Contact    >>   Law

Automatic Passenger Counter    >>   Transportation

Adult Protection Committee    >>   Police

Annual Percentage Change    >>   Accounting

Asian Pacific Coalition    >>   US Government

Academic Professionals of California    >>   Colleges & Universities

Academic Progress Code    >>   Schools

Adult Primary Care    >>   Community

Atrial Premature Contractions    >>   Physiology

Academic Program Coordinator    >>   Colleges & Universities

Account Processing Code    >>   Military

Air Project Coordinator    >>   Transportation

Another Piece of Crap    >>   Funnies

Army Policy Council    >>   Military

Aspirin, Phenacetin, and Caffeine    >>   Physiology

American Piece of Crap    >>   Funnies

Amphenol Precision Connectors    >>   Firms

Angled Polished Connector    >>   Electronics

All Purpose Canine    >>   Dogs Related

Activity Program Council    >>   Community

American Power Conversion    >>   Firms

Average Propensity to Consume    >>   Laboratory

Antigen Presenting Cells    >>   Laboratory

Anadarko Petroleum Corp    >>   Unclassified

Adenomatous Polyposis Coli    >>   Physiology

Association for Progressive Communications    >>   Media

Activated Protein C    >>   Physiology

American Power Conversion    >>   Networking

Anaphase Promotion Complex    >>   Human Genome

All Pieces of Crap    >>   Funnies

Activating Potential for Communication    >>   Educational

Austin Presbyterian Cursillo    >>   Religion

Allround Pest Control    >>   Firms

Alternatives, Possibilities, and Choices    >>   Educational

Activity Program Council    >>   Colleges & Universities

Application Pointer Cache    >>   General

All Potential Customers    >>   General

Autologous Platelet Concentrate    >>   Unclassified

All Parts Cut    >>   General

All Pass Crossover    >>   Electronics

Advanced Power Calibration    >>   Electronics

Applications Program Command    >>   Unclassified

All Purpose Capsule    >>   Military

Actual Payment Coefficient    >>   Accounting

Aviation Performance Center    >>   Military

Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver Characters    >>   File Extensions

Automatic Ping Control    >>   Networking

Association Professional Cycliste    >>   Sports

Active Participation Clause    >>   Sports

Academic Progress Code    >>   Colleges & Universities

Adoptable Player Character    >>   Sports

Analog-to-Packet Converter    >>   Hardware

Animation Publishing Corporation    >>   Firms

Area Party Conference    >>   Politics

American Petz Club    >>   Unclassified

Animal Procedures Committee    >>   Veterinary

Associate Player Character    >>   Occupation & Positions

Asexual Privacy Concrete    >>   Funnies

Associated Player Character>>   Sports

Absolutes Principles And Confirmation    >>   Unclassified

Anti Paki Crew    >>   Unclassified

All Purpose Capsule    >>   Military

Anaphase Promotion Complex    >>   Physiology

Association for Progressive Communications    >>   Non-Profit Organizations

adenomatosis polposis colis    >>   Unclassified

Anadarko Petroleum    >>   Unclassified

A Professional Corporation    >>   Unclassified
aspirin/phenacetin/caffeine    >>   Prescription

Armored personnel carrier    >>   Transportation

Asia/Pacific Campaign    >>   Military

apoptotic cells    >>   British Medicine

Area Prescribing Committee    >>   British Medicine

aspirin, phenacetin, caffeine    >>   British Medicine

associative parietal cortex    >>   British Medicine

atrial premature contraction    >>   British Medicine

autologous platelet concentration    >>   British Medicine

aspirin, phenacetin & codeine    >>   Prescription

adenomatous polyposis coli    >>   Medical

atrial premature contraction    >>   Physiology

aspirin, phenacetin & caffeine    >>   Prescription

Automated Production Control    >>   Unclassified

All Parties Conference    >>   Politics

Adaptive Payload Carrier    >>   NASA

Alternative PHP Cache    >>   Software

Aerial Port Commander    >>   Military

Assign Pre-programmed Conference list    >>   Military

Advanced Power Components, P.L.C.    >>   London Stock Exchange

antigen-presenting cell    >>   British Medicine

anterior polar cataract    >>   British Medicine

Ambulatory Patient Classification    >>   British Medicine

alternative pathway of complement    >>   British Medicine

alkylphosphocholine    >>   British Medicine

advanced pancreatic cancer    >>   British Medicine

absolute phagocyte count    >>   British Medicine

Agency Program Coordinator    >>   US Government

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