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Full Form of SOS

Save Our Souls    >>   Communication

Silicon On Sapphire    >>   Electronics
Son Of Sevenless gene encoding factor    >>   Human Genome

Save Our Souls    >>   Military
Save Our Ship    >>   Military

Somali Shilling    >>   Currencies
Sosyoloji    >>   Turkish
Strength Of Schedule    >>   Sports
System Of Systems    >>   Military
Sink Or Swim    >>   Internet
Secular Organizations for Sobriety    >>   Religion
Survivors Of Suicide    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Son Of Sam    >>   Law
Support Our Students    >>   Educational
Share Our Strength    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Save Our State    >>   State & Local
Save Our Schools    >>   Educational
Save Our Sailors    >>   Military
Sound Of Soul    >>   Music
Service Over Self    >>   Military
Source Of Strength    >>   Religion
Save Outdoor Sculpture    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Spawn Of Satan    >>   Religion
Safe Online Shopping    >>   Internet
Son Of Spy    >>   Military
Son Of Satan    >>   Religion

Strawberry On Shortcake    >>   Food

Simple Operating System    >>   Chat
Support Our Soldiers    >>   Military
Structural Operational Semantics    >>   Mathematics
Save OurSelves    >>   Religion

Same Old Stuff    >>   Funnies
Storage Computer Corporation    >>   AMEX Symbols

Serving Our Savior    >>   Religion
Signs Of Stress    >>   Physiology
Speed Of Service    >>   General
Special Operations Squadron    >>   Military

Save Our School    >>   Educational
Save Our Sanity    >>   Community
Save Our Students    >>   Educational
Structured Operational Semantics    >>   Software
Soldiers Of Satan    >>   Religion
Simplicity Of Spirituality    >>   Religion
Summer Of Service    >>   Educational
Save Our Saucepans    >>   Funnies

Send One Suit    >>   Funnies
Save Our Society    >>   US Government
Salvation Of Souls    >>   Religion
Southern Oxidant Study    >>   Ocean Science
Standing On Stone    >>   Geology
Students Offering Support    >>   Colleges & Universities
Save Our Seniors    >>   Community
Sustainable Open Space    >>   Environmental

Seeds Of Success    >>   Educational
South Oakland Shelter    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Shoot On Sight    >>   Police
Students Orienting Students    >>   Colleges & Universities
Save Oregon Shipwrecks    >>   Non-Profit Organizations

Set Of Support    >>   Community
Stock Optimizing Selector    >>   Stock Exchange
Salt Overly Sensitive    >>   Food
Save Our Skins    >>   Funnies
Service Of Supply    >>   Military
Supportive Oncology Services    >>   Firms
Spirit Of Sharing    >>   Sports
Save Our Santa    >>   Community
Some One Special    >>   Chat
Standard Operating System    >>   Software
Significant Others and Spouses    >>   Community
Screen Of Screens    >>   Software
Start Of Significance    >>   General
Special Opportunity Stipend    >>   US Government
Slightly Off Specification    >>   Military
Save Our Smallville    >>   Funnies
Student-Owned Strategies    >>   Colleges & Universities
Store Opening Solutions    >>   General
Susies One Size    >>   Clothes
Students Organized for Service    >>   Colleges & Universities
Students Organizing Students    >>   Colleges & Universities
Save Our Soil    >>   Farming & Agriculture
Serve Our Savior    >>   Religion
Send Out Someone    >>   Military
Students Offering Services    >>   Colleges & Universities
Student Oceanographic Society    >>   Colleges & Universities
Sounds Of the Spirit    >>   Religion
Serve Our Schools    >>   Educational
Save Our Spring    >>   Politics
Service Optimization Solution    >>   General
Set Out Seedlings    >>   Botany
Simple Original Solutions    >>   Firms
Sober Or Slammer    >>   Law
Support Our Sports    >>   Educational
Satellite Observing System    >>   Ocean Science
Support Our Society    >>   US Government
Save Our Styles    >>   Clothes
Student Orientation Service    >>   Colleges & Universities
Sub-Occipital Soother    >>   Hospitals
Sharing Our Selves    >>   Religion

Support Our Seminarians    >>   Religion
Save Our Sentinel    >>   Media
Share Our Savior    >>   Religion
Safe Operating Speed    >>   Transportation
Spirit Of the Sharks    >>   Religion
Save Old Souls    >>   Religion
See Our Shirts    >>   Firms
Six On Saturday    >>   Community
Some One Smart    >>   Funnies
Si Opus Sit    >>   Physiology
Serve Our School    >>   Schools
Scripps Outstanding Speakers    >>   Media
Servants Of the Savior    >>   Religion
Sold Out Souls    >>   Religion
Sentences Of Seven    >>   Educational
Satanic Occult Spectrum    >>   Religion
Ship Or Shoot    >>   Funnies
Stimulation Of Senses    >>   Physiology
Support One Student    >>   Colleges & Universities
Save, Organize, and Share    >>   Banking
Send Out Signal    >>   Amateur Radio
Save Our Subluxation    >>   Hospitals
Save Our Separator    >>   Products
Student Opportunities and Services    >>   Colleges & Universities
Structured Operational Spinroot    >>   Products
Share Our Strengths    >>   Religion
Speak Out Softly    >>   Toastmasters

Spin Orbital Splitting    >>   Physics
School Of Swing    >>   Colleges & Universities
Start Out Savings    >>   Accounting
SNMP Operating System    >>   Networking
Sharing Our Skills    >>   Educational
Save Our Snoopys    >>   Funnies

Serve Our Sisters    >>   Community
Son Of Samurai    >>   Gaming
Searching Out Scripture    >>   Religion
Stimulated Orientational Scattering    >>   Physics
Swap Operating Shell    >>   Assembly
Support Our Station    >>   Military
Speak Out Students    >>   Educational
Scheduled Oil Sample    >>   Products
Save Ontario's Shipwrecks    >>   Non-Profit Organizations

Steak On a Shingle    >>   Food
Sistas Of Soul    >>   Music
Self Organizing Society    >>   Community
Starting Over Successfully    >>   Community
Sundays Of Summer    >>   Media
Student Organized Seminar    >>   Colleges & Universities
Sounds Of Succes    >>   General
Summary Opinion Support    >>   US Government
Summary, Opinion, and Support    >>   Media
Swim On Side    >>   Sports

Snake Oil Sales    >>   Products
Standing Order Subscription    >>   Media
Spirt Of the Sharks    >>   Sports
Secret Of Spriteland    >>   Media
Save Our Scraps    >>   Hobbies
Shave Our Shins    >>   Funnies
Supporters Of Soul    >>   Music
Sons Of Storm    >>   Gaming
Shape, Originality, and Style    >>   Performing Arts

Settlement On the Sturgeon    >>   Community
Shipments Of Spares    >>   Military
Save Our Shepherds    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Sherwood Oaks Seaters    >>   Products
Situations, Outcomes, and Strategies    >>   General
Soul Of Souls    >>   Religion
Student Organization Sustainability    >>   Colleges & Universities
Senternet Online Support    >>   Internet

Swapping Operating System    >>   Funnies
Soroptomists Own Stock    >>   Funnies
Supporter Of Sora    >>   Funnies
Substance Over Spelling    >>   Educational

Success Oriented Schooling    >>   Educational

Service Offering Solutions    >>   Software
Simons Offline Service    >>   Firms
Sara's Online Sanctuary    >>   Environmental
Same Old Sox    >>   Sports
Save Our Streams    >>   Non-Profit Organizations
Sound On Sound    >>   Unclassified
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists    >>   Unclassified
Sensor Observation Service    >>   Unclassified
Serve Only Sonoma    >>   Community
Sedgwick Often Says    >>   Media
Story Options Solutions    >>   General
Sum Of Stupidity    >>   Funnies
Save our ships    >>   Unclassified
S O S    >>   Unclassified
Society of Stranders    >>   Unclassified
Sibling Over Shoulder    >>   Chat
Support Our Scouts    >>   Scouting
Staff On Site    >>   General
Stabilized Optical Sight    >>   NASA
Source Of Supply    >>   NASA
Serial Output Special    >>   NASA
Save Our Socks    >>   Funnies
Save Our Soul    >>   Religion
Skills Of Success    >>   Colleges & Universities

Spend Or Save    >>   Accounting
Secretary Of State    >>   State & Local
Surgery On Site    >>   Hospitals
Start-up Override Switch    >>   Hardware
Si Opus Sit    >>   Prescription
Secret Of Santa    >>   Funnies   

Students Of Service    >>   Colleges & Universities
Sick Of Sin    >>   Religion
Save Our Silver    >>   Community
Sequential Ongoing Strategies    >>   General
Seek Optimum Skills    >>   Occupation & Positions
Significant Others Scale    >>   Psychology
Snore Outcomes Survey    >>   Laboratory
Stent Or Surgery    >>   Hospitals

Sudden Onset of Sleep    >>   Physiology

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