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Full Form of SAM

Surface To Air Missile    >>   Weapons & Forces

Seattle Art Museum    >>   Museums

Secret Agent Man    >>   Funnies

Social Accounting Matrix    >>   Community
Social Accounting Matrix    >>   General

Surface-to-Air Missile    >>   Military

Software Asset Management    >>   Software

Self-Assembled Monolayer    >>   Electronics

Security Accounts Manager    >>   Occupation & Positions

System Administration Manager    >>   General

Scanning Auger Microscopy    >>   Electronics

Systolic Anterior Motion    >>   Physiology

Samaritan Aramaic    >>   Language Codes

Safety And Maintenance    >>   NASA

Society of American Magicians    >>   Professional Organizations
Security Account Manager    >>   Occupation & Positions

Security Account Manager    >>   General

Society for Adolescent Medicine    >>   Educational

Sequential Access Method    >>   General

Study Atopic March    >>   Unclassified

Single Adult Ministry    >>   Religion

Senior Adult Ministries    >>   Religion

Self Adjusting Mattress    >>   General

Strategic Account Management    >>   General

Special Air Missions    >>   Military

Surface To Air Missle    >>   Unclassified

Skills Assessment Manager    >>   Occupation & Positions

Strategically Altered Mutant    >>   Funnies

Students At Macquarie    >>   Colleges & Universities

Symantec Anti-virus for Macintosh    >>   Software

South American Region    >>   Transportation

Slow As Molasses    >>   Funnies

Scalable ADSLModem    >>   Networking

Switch Adapted Mouse    >>   Hardware

Stand Against Me    >>   Sports

Sequential Access Model    >>   General

Service Access Multiplexer    >>   Telecom

Save American Manufacturing    >>   US Government

Safety Always Matters    >>   Transportation

Society for Advancement of Management    >>   Professional Organizations

Space Available Mail    >>   US Government

Space Available Mail    >>   USPS

Suspicious Activity Monitoring    >>   Police

Student Aid Management    >>   Colleges & Universities

Smart Ass Masochist    >>   Funnies

Student Athlete Mentor    >>   Sports

Sales, Advertising, and Marketing    >>   General

Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts    >>   Sports
Springfarm Architectural Mouldings    >>   Firms
Super Automated Machine    >>   General
Sleep/Activity Monitor    >>   Military

Super-Absorbent Material    >>   Military

Storage Application Model    >>   Networking

Student Athlete Mentors    >>   Sports
Self Assessment Method    >>   Educational
Sewer Access Module    >>   Products

Stalking Awareness Month    >>   Months Abbreviations
Safety Argument Manager    >>   Software

Skin Analyzer Magnifier    >>   Hospitals

Software Asset Maintenance    >>   Military

Samantha    >>   Names and Nicknames

Susan Allen Morgan    >>   Famous

Suspicious Activity Monitor    >>   Police

Student Alcohol Management    >>   Unclassified

Sound Abatement Membrane    >>   Products

Software Adaptation Management    >>   Software

Segmented Addressable Market    >>   General

Student Assistance Model    >>   Educational

Sales Access Module    >>   General

Symantic Anti-virus for Macintosh    >>   Security

Student Art Movement    >>   Colleges & Universities

Salamo, Papua New, Guinea    >>   Airport Codes

Sun Acquisition Mode    >>   NASA

Student Assessment Manager    >>   Unclassified

Scriptable Artificial Mind    >>   Human Genome

Sensor Actuator Module    >>   NASA

SCSI Architecture Mode    >>   Drivers

Student Attendance Monitoring    >>   Educational

Skotos Active Markup    >>   General

Salvage All Materials    >>   Military

Sue Anne Marie    >>   Unclassified

Simulated Anesthesia Mannequin    >>   Hospitals

Sports, Art, and Music    >>   Educational

Small Android Model    >>   Human Genome

Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba    >>   Canadian

Structural Anomaly Mapping    >>   Unclassified

Secret Agent Monkey    >>   Unclassified

Student Access Module    >>   Colleges & Universities

Student Athletic Mentor    >>   Colleges & Universities

Sofa Artwork Manager    >>   Software
System Assurance Manage    >>   NASA

Sanitation, Aeration, and Monitoring    >>   Environmental

Student Adult Mentorship    >>   Educational

Synthetic Audio Micro    >>   Electronics

Sound Audio Motion    >>   Software

Styles, Abilities, And Motivations    >>   Educational

Statements, Acts, Marriages    >>   Law

Service And Accounting Manager    >>   Occupation & Positions

Secret Admirer of Me    >>   Chat

Society for Airway Management    >>   Professional Organizations

Surface To Air Meat    >>   Unclassified

Scalable Active Management    >>   Networking

Sentient Autonomous Mechanism    >>   Human Genome

Sisbro Ashley Manor    >>   Firms

Skill Allocation Module    >>   Military

Substrates, Assembly, and Microsystems    >>   Electronics

Site Assets Management    >>   General

Samna - Lotus Ami/ Ami Pro Text file    >>   File Extensions

Super Active Matter    >>   Astronomy

Sensationally Arranged Megabytes    >>   Unclassified

Students Against The Mai    >>   Unclassified

Boston Beer, Inc.    >>   NYSE Symbols

Sme Access For Mobile    >>   Telecom

Super Accelerator Machine    >>   Physics

Super Anticipation Model    >>   General

School Articulator Munich    >>   Educational

St Ack Machine    >>   Unclassified

Square Aperture Matrix    >>   Physics

Susan Alicia Mary    >>   Unclassified

Scheduling and Appointment Minder    >>   Software

Screen Activated Machine    >>   Hardware

Spectrum Allocation Manager    >>   Unclassified

Smart Approaches to Marijuana    >>   Unclassified

Society of    >>   Unclassified

Significance Analysis of Microarrays    >>   Unclassified

Student Action Man    >>   Unclassified

Security Access Manager    >>   Unclassified

Sequence Alignment Map    >>   Unclassified

Social Access Management    >>   Unclassified

Sample Analysis at Mars    >>   Unclassified

Sigma Alpha Mu    >>   Unclassified
Sequence Alignment and Modeling    >>   Unclassified
System for Award Management    >>   Unclassified

Student Advisory Model    >>   Unclassified

Subscriber Artificial Module    >>   Unclassified

Serving Annual Members    >>   Non-Profit Organizations

System Activation and Monitoring    >>   NASA

Shuttle Attachment Manipulator    >>   NASA

Serviceable Area Market    >>   General

Spin Angular Momentum    >>   Chemistry

Self-Appointed Manager    >>   Occupation & Positions

Send A Message    >>   Internet

Standard Allowed Minutes    >>   Unclassified

Surface to Air Missiles    >>   Unclassified

severe acute malnutrition    >>   Medical

southern annular mode    >>   Meteorology

Stop Annoying Me    >>   Chat

Surface to Air Missile    >>   Military

Sample Analysis of Mars    >>   Astronomy

Special Air Mission    >>   Unclassified

Sidewalk Alpha Male    >>   Funnies

Special Airlift Mission    >>   Military

Starcore International Mines Ltd.    >>   Toronto Stock Exchange

Soldier Adaptation Model    >>   Military

Sarmad    >>   Names and Nicknames

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