High-definition    >>   Display & Graphics

Home Depot    >>   Firms
High Density    >>   Electronics
Heart disease    >>   Physiology
High Dose    >>   Oncology
Hundred Dollars    >>   Unit Measures
Hilary Duff    >>   Famous
High Definition    >>   Media
Hard Drive    >>   General
Help Desk    >>   General
Have Done    >>   General
Harley Davidson    >>   Firms
Heavy Duty    >>   Products
Hemodialysis    >>   Physiology
Huntington's Disease    >>   Physiology

Home Depot, Inc.     >>   NYSE Symbols
Hardware Design    >>   Military
Hardware Design    >>   Electronics
Hundreds of Dollars    >>   Unit Measures
Half Duplex    >>   Networking
Hot Dog    >>   Food
High Demand    >>   General
Hans Dieter    >>   Famous
Hand Drawn    >>   Products
Henry Draper    >>   Famous
Happy Day    >>   Days Abbreviations
High Desert    >>   Geology
Head of Department    >>   Occupation & Positions                                        
Host Directory    >>   General
Haagen Dazs    >>   Firms
Hospital Day    >>   Physiology
Hammer Down    >>   Transportation
Hyperactive Disorder    >>   Physiology
House Doctor    >>   Physiology
House District    >>   US Government
Hip Dysplasia    >>   Physiology
Half Done    >>   General
High Distinction    >>   Awards & Medals
High Durability    >>   Products   

Home Defense    >>   Military
Hammered Dulcimer    >>   Music
Hausdorff Dimension    >>   Mathematics
Hall Director    >>   Occupation & Positions
Hardly Dangerous    >>   Law                                      
Hip Displasia    >>   Dogs Related
Horse Dung    >>   Chat
Halte Durch    >>   German
Hardly Davidson    >>   Funnies
High Detergent    >>   Food
Henry Duncan    >>   Famous
Homeless Dog    >>   Dogs Related
Hurter Driffield    >>   Mathematics
Hampster Dance    >>   Funnies
Hexagonal Diamond    >>   Mathematics
Hearing Distance    >>   Physiology
High Drag    >>   NASA                                    
Harmonized Document    >>   US Government
A Half Degree    >>   Academic Degrees
Head Delegate    >>   Occupation & Positions
Harmonised Document    >>   Software
Hurter and Driffield    >>   Firms
Hodgkin's Disease     >>   Oncology
Hilary Doda    >>   Famous
Highest Divisor    >>   Mathematics
Hapori Dume, comic strip character    >>   Famous
Horrible and Detrimental    >>   Chat
High Dollar    >>   Accounting
Highly Desirable    >>   NASA
HoldDown    >>   NASA
Horizontal Drain    >>   NASA
Hydrogen Drain    >>   NASA
Heidelberg, Germany    >>   State & Local
Holy Drumstick    >>   Funnies
Hahnemannian Decimal    >>   Mathematics
Hard Disk    >>   Hardware
High Density    >>   Hardware
High Density    >>   Media
Heavy Duty    >>   NASA
Hopelessly Deaf    >>   Chat
House of Delegates    >>   State & Local
Healthy Diet    >>   Hospitals
A Mustard Agent    >>   Military
Harmonic Distortion    >>   Military
Homeland Defense    >>   Military

Hypersexual Disorder    >>   Psychology
Mustard gas, Distilled    >>   Military
distilled mustard    >>   Laboratory
heavy density    >>   Physics
heavy duty    >>   Firms
human a-defensin    >>   Physiology
Health Department    >>   State & Local
high dose    >>   Prescription
high density    >>   Physics

heavy duty    >>   General 

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