AACI               :- Airport Association Council International

AAFI               :- Amateur Athletics Federation of India

AAGSP           :- All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad

AAPSO           :- Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation

AASU              :- All Assam Students Union

ABM               :- Anti Ballistic Missile

ABCDE          :- Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics

ABSU             :- All Bodo Students Union

ABT                :- Availability Based Tariff

AC                   :- Alternate Current or Ashok Chakra or Air Conditioner or Antarctic Club

AD                  :- Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)

ADA                :- Air Defence Artillery

ADB                :- Asian Development Bank

AERE             :- Atomic Energy Research Establishment

AEO                :-American Eagle Outfitters

AFLP              :- Accelerated Female Literacy

AFPPD            :- Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population & Development

AGF                :- Asian Games Federation

AGOC             :- Asian Games Organization Committee

AICC               :- All India Congress Committee

AICTE            :- All India Council of Technical Education

AICCTU         :- All India Central Council of Trade Unions

AICI               :- Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India

AIDS              :- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIFF               :- All India Football Federation

AIIMS            :- All India Institute of Medical Sciences

AIL                 :- Aeronautics India Limited

AIMPLB        :- All India Muslim Personal Law Board

AINEC            :- All India Newspapers Editors Conference

AIR                 :- All India Radio

AITUC            :- All India Trade Union Congress

ALH                :- Advanced Light Helicopter

AM                 :- Anti Meridian (Before Noon)

AMIE             :- Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers

ANC               :- African National Congress

APNN             :- Asian Pacific News Network

APEC              :- Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation

APPLE            :- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment

APPU              :- Asian Pacific Postal Union

ARF                :- Asian Regional Forum

ARDS             :- Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

ASEAN           :- Association of South East Asian Nations

ASLV              :- Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ASI                  :- Archaeological Survey of India

ASSOCHAM :- Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (India)

AWACS          :- Airborne Warning and Control System

ATCI               :- Air Time Committee of India

ATF                 :- Aviation Turbine Fuel

ATPLO            :- All Tripura Peoples Liberation Organisation

ATS                 :- Anti Tetanus Serum

ATTF               :- All Tripura Tribal Force

AVARD           :- Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development

BAMS            :- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

BARC            :- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC               :- British Broadcasting Corporation

BC                  :- Before Christ

BCG               :- Bacillus Calmette Guerin (Anti TB Vaccine)

BCCI              :- Board of Control for Cricket in India

BCCL             :- Bharat Cooking Coal Limited

BDL               :- Bharat Dynamics Limited

BEL                :- Bharat Electronics Limited

BENELUX     :- Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg

BHEL             :- Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited

BICP              :- Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices

BIFR              :- Board of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction

BIMSTEC     :- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,Thailand Economic Cooperation

BIS                  :- Bureau of Indian Standards/ British Information Service

BIS                  :- Bank for International Settlements

BLTF             :- Bodo Liberation Tigers Force

BPO               :- Business Process Outsourcing

B.PHARMA  :- Bachelor of Pharmacy

BRL               :- Bharat Refineries Ltd

BSF                :- Border Security Force

BTC               :- Bodoland Territorial Council

CAD              :- Command Area Development

CAG              :- Controller of Auditor General

CAIR            :- Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

CAS               :- Conditional Access System

CASE            :- Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy

CAT               :- Control for Advance Technology

CAT               :- Central Administrative Tribunal

CAZRL         :- Central Arid Zone Research Institute

CBDT           :- Central Board of Direct Taxes

CBI               :- Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI               :- Crime Branch of India

CBSE            :- Central Board of Secondary Education

CCEA           :- Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCIC            :- Central Cottage Industries Corporation

CCI               :- Consumer Confidence Index

CCL              :- Central Coal-fields Limited

CCIT            :- Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

CCS              :- Cabinet Committee on Security

C-DAC         :- Centre for Development of Advance Computing

CDC             :- Consulting Development Centre

CDRL          :- Central Drug Research Institute

CDS             :- Compulsory Deposit Scheme

CEA             :- Central Electrical Authority

CENTO       :- Central Treaty Organization

CERN         :- Council European Organization for Nuclear Research

CFRI           :- Central Fuel Research Institute

CFTRI         :- Central Food Technological Research Institute

CGCRI        :- Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

CGWB         :- Central Ground Water Board

CHOGM     :- Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

CID              :- Criminal Investigation Department

CIFT             :- Committee on Invisible Financing Related Trade

CIMA           :- Centre of International Modern Art

CIRDAP       :- Council of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific

CIRTES        :- Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services

CIS                :- Commonwealth of Independent States

CISF              :- Central Industrial Security Force

CITU             :- Centre of Indian Trade Union

CIWTC         :- Central Inland Water Transport Corporation

CLASP          :- Child Labour Action and Support Project

CMC             :- Cauri Monitoring Committee

CMAG          :- Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

CMAL          :- Coal Mines Authority Limited

CMDRO      :- Central Marine Design Research Organization

CMMACS    :- Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation

CMPDI         :- Central Mine Planning and Design Institute

CMS             :- Central Monitoring Series

CNG             :- Compressed Natural Gas

COD             :- Central Ordinance Depot

CODESA     :- Convention for a Democratic South Africa

COFEPOSA :- Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

COSPAR        :- Committee On Space Research

COPU             :- Committee on Public Undertaking (under                                                                                                   Parliament)

CORE             :- Congress on Racial Equality

CPCB              :- Central Pollution Control Board

CPCRI            :- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

CPO                :- Central Passport Organization

CPRI               :- Central Power Research Institute

CRP                :- Central Reserve Police

CRR               :- Cash Reserve Ratio

CSE                :- Centre for Science and Environment

CSCE              :- Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

CSIR               :- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CTEPC           :- Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council

CTS                 :- Computerised Tomography Scanner

COCA             :- Control of Organized Crime Act

CVC                :- Central Vigilance Commission

CVR                :- Cockpit Voice Recorder
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